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What is Red Orb News?
Red Orb News is a world premier Usenet newsgroup provider, with news servers located in the United States and Europe. Our state-of-the-art global Usenet infrastructure provides lightning fast, safe, uncensored and secure access the newsgroups. There's an entire new dimension to the Internet just waiting to be explored.
Why Red Orb News?
Red Orb News is the #1 recommended Usenet service provider on Slyck.com because we love the newsgroups and provide terrific service. The Internet is our second home, and we know what it takes to make the online world a smash. We've worked hard to give you the best newsgroups service possible, so why not give Red Orb News a shot?
Red Orb News Gives You MORE:
We have the tools and the talent to deliver the best Usenet newsgroup experience possible. Our high speed news servers are located in the US and Europe - so no matter where you are, you'll always have a fast connection to a Red Orb News server.
Not only are our servers fast, they're huge! Retention means how many days an article stays on our news server before its deleted. Because our news servers are so awesome, the binaries hang out for over 2000 days, and text messages stick around for over 3 years.
We're from New York, and take security very seriously. If you've ever paid a bill or made a purchase online, you're already familiar with 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Encryption technology protects the data stream between two computers so information can be exchanged securely and without third party interception. That's the kind of security we're talking about here. 256 bit SSL encryption is available with all our newsgroup services. SSL encryption will help keep your data transmissions secure.
It's been proven that between 5-20 connections are needed to take full advantage of any high speed news servers. Decide how many you need, we offer 20 connections on all our plans.... knock yourself out!
24/7 Customer Support
We push our employees to all hours of the night and force them to work long hours...just kidding! If you run into any problems please read our Support/FAQ page first and see if we've already addressed the issue. If you can't resolve your issue, email our support team any time. Our support crew knows what makes a network tick and computers tock and we're here if you need us.
  • Binary Retention: 2000+ days
  • Text Retention: Over 3 years
  • Up to 20 Connections
  • 256 bit SSL Security
  • 99.9% Completion
  • High Speed Servers
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • News Servers in Europe and the US
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